sweet treats.

I got the baby in the king cake we had at our office today. Actually, I got the tiny porcelain statue in the queen's cake we had at our office today, but that's a whole other story. I also got an email from Renee saying that they had a king cake from Sucré at their office today, and it was one of the best she's had. So of course that means that I am bringing a Sucré king cake to my office tomorrow. I had to take a picture of it – it's beautiful! It's sparkling with edible glitter. I also picked up a package of dark chocolate caramel cookies. They always have them, and they are delicious. If you visit New Orleans, you should definitely plan a visit to Sucré. If you live in New Orleans and you haven't been to Sucré yet, what are you waiting for? It is such a fun place! It warrants its own post later. I'll have to take some pics of the interior. For now, be sure to visit the links to their website. Their photos are a lot better than mine!

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