tweet. tweet.

Maybe it's Twitter's influence over me – I find myself thinking birds are cuter than ever. I did a quick Etsy search for "birds" and found 1,000's of items. Here are six that really caught my eye:

1. 8 Notecards - Flavored Birds from SpawnStudio – I love the graphic simplicity of these guys.
2. Joel the Felted Chick from kitchentable46 – I mean seriously, how cute is he?
3. Atticus Finch is My Co-Pilot T-Shirt from inexplicableconfetti – I know this artist. He's a local New Orleanian. More to come on him and his t-shirt business.
4. three bird planters from catherinereece – Love the personalities of these and the other hand-drawn birds in #6.
5. Orange on Off White Blooming Blossom Rectangle Pillow from joom – Nice silhouettes.
6. Bird Stack II (Limited Edition Print) from barkingbirdart

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