chic scents made totally affordable.

I am really excited to try the new fragrance collection from Glade. I tore an ad for the Sheer White Cotton fragrance out of a magazine, and it has been sitting on the ottoman near the chair I've been sitting in for the last hour. It smells fantastic – very fresh and clean. I always go for these types of fragrances, but after visiting the Glade website, I'm having trouble deciding which fragrance to try first. McIntosh Apple is definitely a top contender. I used to stockpile the Yankee Candle plug-ins in Macintosh Apple whenever I saw them at Linens-n-Things. At the better-than-reasonable prices I've found online, I can justify trying both. I don't have a printer set up here, so I haven't tried this yet, but here's a link to a $2.00 coupon. If I can get it to print tomorrow, I might try the Earthly Awakening too!

(scented reed diffusers and two sizes of soy based candles available in six different scents)

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