Before you know it, a whole month has gone by without a single post. I've been a little busy.
• I rode in a Mardi Gras parade (might have some pics to post)
• I went to a Carnival ball (pics coming soon)
• My family went to Disney World – more fun than we could have imagined (lots of material for future posts)
• I turned 31 and will celebrate tomorrow
• I have researched social networking extensively (thanks to my job as a designer and the changing landscape in the world of marketing) and will be trying many new things in the near future, the biggest being... FACEBOOK!

I tried to avoid it for so long. I did a great job too. But now I feel like someone who (and you know there were these people) resisted the telephone. I suppose that eventually they realized that everyone was using the telephone and found it to be a terribly convenient little bit of technology. And they realized that if for any reason they didn't want to talk to someone, they didn't have to answer their telephone when it rang. And they only had to make as many calls as they wanted. This is how I feel about Facebook: everyone is using it, it seems to be convenient, I don't have to accept every friend request, and I only have to spend as much time on it as I choose to. So I think this weekend I'll be pulling the trigger. Yikes.

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